UKM: The Fighting System 5-Disc Set


Showing the Fighting and Self-Defence Techniques from the Real No-Holds-Barred Roots of MMA

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Before Leo Negao became World Brazilian Ju Jitsu (BJJ) Champion he was a top Vale Tudo Fighter. Leo learned his real fighting techniques in this brutal no holds barred arena and in the tough Rio de Janeiro Favela in which he was raised.

This DVD is the distillation of that experience coupled with the techniques Leo has developed in his collaboration with Stewart McGill, the Chief Instructor of Urban Krav Maga. Across 5 discs, Stewart and Leo demonstrate a range of MMA moves then show the banned street application of these techniques; this covers stand up fighting, groundfighting and takedowns plus a special section on pressure points and how they can be applied in both MMA and the violent chaos of a real streetfight.

This unique set is ideal for both MMA practitioners and people that want to learn some real street defence from two of the most prominent and acclaimed teachers in the game.

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