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This highly acclaimed 6-DVD box set takes the unusual and welcome approach of showing how to make martial arts techniques work against the type of attacks that actually happen to people.

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This highly acclaimed 6-DVD box set takes the unusual and welcome approach of showing how to make martial arts techniques work against the type of attacks that actually happen to people. The box-set covers the following: РDefences against the 10 most common street attacks including pre-emptive strikes (2 discs); РDealing with knife threats/attacks; dealing with handgun threats РGrappling for self-defence on the ground and stand-up situations РDefending other people under threat or attack Urban Krav Maga is a highly effective martial art that utilises the experience of its Instructors in various styles of Krav Maga, MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jutsu and the traditional Martial Arts. See the recommendations here from 2 highly respected Martial Artists:

This is a really first rate product presented by people who know what they’re doing and for anyone who has an interest in Self Defence, these 6 DVDs should have some space on your shelves.” Peter Consterdine / Chairman of The British Combat Association “Urban Krav Maga is a no-nonsense martial art that works!” Bob Sykes / Editor / Martial Arts Illustrated magazine

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10 reviews for UKM DVD 6-Box Set

  1. P. sheehan

    Will keep this brief.Fantastic box set.Really well done and easy to understand and see what is what.The whole team should be proud of themselves.I started training in Krav Maga just a month ago and this dvd makes me know i made the right choice.Would recommend this to one and all…..

  2. John Duignan

    I’ll keep this short as all the superlatives have been used above. I found it a most useful set of dvd’s, covering all types of attacks and in just enough detail but not overdoing it, it moved at a nice pace. previous to this purchase i attended level 1 krav maga classes where the majority of time was spent punching and holding pads! while there is no doubt that classes are important i found i learned more from these dvd’s. i would highly recommend them.

  3. Jim McEvoy

    This is great set of DVD’s for anyone interested in Krav Maga, Mixed Martial Arts or basic no nonsense Self Defence. The filming is high quality and allows one to follow the action so as to be easily able to copy the techniques shown. Each of the discs covers a different topic, demonstrating likely attack scenario’s, and how to defend against those attacks. Whether you’re a seasoned martial artist, or a complete novice, you will find these DVD’s very useful, and amongst the best available on the subject of real self defense.

  4. Mr. C. Mackenzie

    These dvds are of top quality,i come from a boxing background and recently found this style of fighting [ self defence ]stewart and gershon certainly know there stuff,i just hope stewart can do more dvds of this quality,he explains the moves step by step and makes them easy to understand and execute,i just wish we had instuctors in my town of there calibre id certainly be there 5 nights a week,unfortunately the nearest krav maga class to me is 100 mile away,well done guys in putting this top quality set together,a must in your dvd collection this.

  5. George Campion

    I have been training for many years and have been buying training vids the whole time. This is by far one of the best training vid sets i have seen. Mr. McGill was very helpful in answering my questions, not to mention providing the training in the vids! Thank you so much!

  6. Alan Robertshaw

    First, let me declare an interest. I trained with Stewart for a number of years when I lived in London. Having said that there was a reason for this. After much exploration of martial arts/RBSD systems I came to the conclusion that Krav Maga was the best system by far and after working with various KM instructors (many of whom were excellent) I came to the conclusion that Stewart was the best of the KM bunch by a long chalk.

    Ok, so onto the DVDs themselves. Firstly the quality. In keeping with the KM tradition the production values were clear, simple and did the job with the minimum of effort. Excellent video and sound quality. Good editing. The nearest you’ll get to an actual classroom setting without actually being there.

    Secondly, the instructors. Stewart is of course the main feature. Clear, concise delivery and explanations in a practical but witty style. What sets this DVD set out from others is the issue of context. There are a number of very good instructional DVDs out there that will show you exactly how to perform a specific technique. What they often do not address however is the background to how you may get into a situation where you need to use such a technique. Stewart’s addresses the situational awareness you need to develop if you are to avoid, evade or diffuse a situation before you need to get physical. I am a firm believer that the acid test for a self defence system is: does it advise running away if you get the chance? After all, there are very few things that not being there won’t defend against. This system passes.

    The teaching is also also not too prescriptive. Although techniques are explained in considerable detail, the necessity to adapt and improvise is stressed. This is one of the few systems I have seen that openly acknowledges that things can go wrong.

    The DVDS also address the legal aspects of using self defence (and defending others, useful as there is, perhaps uniquely, a DVD specifically about third party protection). This is another indicator that the system is designed for the real world and not just Bourne Identity wannabees.

    Stewart does not get all the glory however. Equally impressive in both knowledge base and presentational skills are Aasim and Gershon who also provide excellent input.

    The structure makes sense in that the first two DVDs address the most common forms of street attacks. The knife and gun DVDs recognise the true nature of what you may encounter in a civilian environment being aimed at metropolitan commuters rather than special forces commandos. The ground fighting material won’t set you up for a career in the Octagon but will help keep you out of A&E. The third party protection material won’t get you a job as a bodyguard to the president but will help you keep your loved ones safe.

    In summary this is a product that knows its market i.e. you (apologies if you are in fact a special forces operative) and teaches what you need to know without fuss and without the BS.

    And if you do want to become a ninja you can probably use the DVDs to make throwing stars.

  7. Kobus

    Stewart mcGill’s Urban Krav Maga is the most complete self defence system on the market today. The instructors that made the series are proficient in making everything crystal clear to the viewer and the techniques are easy to pick up.
    Every move in the dvd set is combative (very gross motor, which means that it will work under stress).
    Stewart and his team has widely gathered experience which they use to mold this presure tested snd street proven self defence system.
    I own the Real Deal – Ground and Knife – dvd to and I can realy state that UKM has the most brilliant grappling and anti grappling techniqeus I have come across (and I browse the internet quite often for good grappling moves).
    The UKM 6-dvd set has a unique feature which is called Third Party Protection. This teaches the viewer to learn to protect one’s family member(s) or spouse like a highly trained and devoted bodygaurd would. This can be practised with one’s family or friends and they will have a blast doing it to.
    It is my impression that the auther of these dvd’s truly wants the buyer to be safe in today’s invironment.
    Exiting stuff!

    I love it and I am very proud to own this set.

  8. Jam

    If you ever wanted to learn what works out there, then please purchase these dvd’s. This is the real deal, these dvdare complete and help you immensely. We are not looking at traditioanl arts stuff here, but hardcore real street situational tactics, that work! Stewart is very clear and made his videos easy to follow, I have done alot of arts and for the past 10years concentrated on realistic defences, and this was perfect, made to measure, a tailor fit for the streets. If you want a dvd to get confidence and want to learn real defence then buy.

  9. J. Fox

    What an awesome set! As per previous reviews I have viewed and studied many different martial arts, both traditional and more modern ‘reality’ based systems and this DVD set is easily up there with the best – (This includes productions from Moni Aizik and Avi Nardia the gurus of CKM and Kapap respectively). Well produced, paced and informative, this gave you the opportunity to really learn techniques that aren’t complicated and will work. I ordered the DVDs as a 3 DVD set in error so contacted Stewart McGill who put this series together and within 24 hours had the 6 DVD set in the post and on my doorstep in a couple of days. What superb customer service too, Stewart was extremely helpful!! Cannot recommend the DVD content or the customer service any higher. BUY IT!!

  10. Sumo75

    I’m lucky enough to have been to some classes taught by Stewart, and the DVD’s do almost the same good job as being taught ‘live’.

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