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There is no expensive Induction Course for Urban Krav Maga. We prefer to get you into the main class and integrate you on a gradual basis.  In our experience this works better because you get to know the other students – from whom you can learn a lot as well – and you can start when you’re ready without having to wait until a course is booked up. Urban Krav Maga is direct and to the point so you’ll soon get into it;  the more senior students are encouraged to work with beginners and help them along.

Currently we have a Beginners Package which offers the first 10 lessons for £80. These 10 lessons can be taken over any time period you wish at any of the London classes ran by Stewart McGill and you can choose to commit or not following your first lesson. (The first lesson comes with no financial obligation but goes towards your first 10 if you choose to buy the Package).  You are also very welcome to come and watch a class in action before making any decision. Payment for these lessons can be in person or through this secure site.

For classes and special deals in other locations Worldwide, please click here to view details on the main UKM site.


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