About Urban Krav Maga

Urban Krav Maga is a highly respected self-defence and fighting system.

It is the the only style of Krav Maga that:

  • Has been asked to provide a British Combat Association Masterclass;
  • Has produced 2 highly acclaimed DVD sets in 2008/2009;
  • Has been created – and continually updated – by a number of Martial Artists experienced across a range of disciplines;
  • Has a syllabus based around defending the 10 most common attacks you are likely to face in the street;
  • Teaches a range of pre-emptive strikes and moves adapted to work for people against bigger/multiple opponents;
  • Has Leo Negao, 4-time world Brazilian Jiu Jitsu champion as an Instructor; Leo is also our advisor on groundwork and regularly trains the top Instructors.