Urban Krav Maga Statement

Because of the origins of Krav Maga, people sometimes ask about the views of individual Urban Krav Maga Instructors on the Israel-Palestine conflict and those of the organisation as a whole.
This is just to clarify.
Opinions differ widely within Israel on their political situation, there is no one “Israeli position”
We are an independent, non-political organisation that no longer has any links to Israel, primarily for reasons to do with the development of our martial arts. Karate organisations with headquarters in the UK are not expected to have opinions on Japanese politics nor history. The same applies to the martial systems with their origins in China, Indonesia and elsewhere. And the same applies to Urban Krav Maga.
Individual instructors have a variety of opinions on the subject and by no means agree. But we all unequivocally condemn anti-semitism, islamophobia, xenophobia and any form of racism. We deplore any group being victimised, dehumanised or attacked because of their religion, colour of their skin, ethnicity, gender, etc. This ethic is reflected in the fact that a large part of what we do is aimed at helping the disadvantaged defend themselves against those who would bully them.
The important thing is that despite a variety of opinions on a variety of topics, Urban Krav Maga instructors stay friends and work together. Our classes reflect the diversity of the neighbourhoods and cities in which we teach: we train together, we live together and together we live