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Mark O'Neil
South / Kent and Sussex
About / Bio
Founder and Senior Instructor of Sussex Urban Krav Maga and self defence author, Mark O'Neil is a registered instructor with the British Combat Association and the Martial Arts alliance with over 30 years experience in Martial Arts.

Mark started his travels in Martial Arts as an amateur boxer, moving onto Lau Gar Kung Fu and during the eighties fought at National level before studying Wing Chun.

His training in Krav Maga began initially with the IKMF and then the British Academy of Krav Maga, where he helped open a school in Kent, before becoming one of the first Urban Krav Maga instructors in 2008 at the inaugural course when Stewart McGill established the Urban Krav Maga system.

Mark is a lifetime member of NABBA and experienced in Kettlebell, Indian Clubs and Functional Fitness, he is also a qualified MMA Conditioning coach.

He has trained Pro MMA Fighters both for conditioning and techniques and has published the Self Defence Guide to surviving the Top 10 Attacks.

Private, public and corporate classes available.