Instructor Candidates

Instructor candidates must have at least 4 years experience in a recognised martial arts/fighting discipline, though this criterion will be relaxed if a candidate is known to and recommended by a Certified Urban Krav Maga Instructor. Prior to acceptance on the course, candidates who are not known to a Certified Urban Krav Maga Instructor will be required to show some evidence of their previous training.

Please note that this is not a “quick and easy” way of becoming an Instructor. Our system has a good reputation and we will keep it that way. The Instructor Course is very intensive and suitable only for experienced martial artists. Successful candidates will also be expected to fully understand techniques and be able to impart them successfully to a wide range of student abilities. 

No time is wasted on pure cardio exercises nor on techniques that you will never be able to use in a real confrontation.

Any candidates that fail will be able to re-take at no additional cost.

Students Attending on a “Bootcamp” Basis (i.e Non-Instructor) 

Open to anybody over 18.