Some feedback from our most recent course:

“I learned a f***ing lot!
Stewart and Leo are great teachers.
I have a lot of experience in different fighting styles (judo, tae kwon do, dutch kickboxing, Krav Maga with two different organisations) myself and have met a lot of people during my life in the fighting scene, but you guys belong to the best I ever worked with.
Very clear explanation about the techniques and the way how to approach things.”

Stefan, Martial Arts Instructor

“Loved it. Many thanks to Stewart Mcgill & Leo Negao Negao for all the information and support. I’ve done many different courses over the years, and have never felt so welcome to ask questions about the techniques. The work is extremely effective and the pressure testing gives you a real sense of just how devastating some of the techniques are.”

Simon, Martial Arts Instructor

“Great system……..Fundamentally the direct aggressive techniques at the core of the system are what turn the advantage quickly on the streets. Loved it – best “live” knife techniques I have seen, simple, direct and powerful.”

Mike, Martial Artist and Serving Police Officer

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