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Urban Krav Maga

REAL defence for the streets. Scenario-based fighting style that's not dependent on punching power and/or brute strength.

Urban Krav Maga began in 2008. I decided to go it alone after having worked with a few other Krav Maga organisations. I wanted to teach a system that was something more than Muay Thai with some weapons defences based around the punch and rudimentary groundwork. Something that drew on the experience across a range of martial arts and their application that my colleagues and I could offer.

  • A system that incorporated the best of those arts and that experience.
  • One that was based around the attacks that actually happened to people.
  • One that was based on leverage and covered what to do if attacked by a bigger opponent for both men and women.
  • One that didn't rely on punching power.
  • One that responded to issues raised by students by looking to tailor solutions that worked for different people, rather than invoking centuries of tradition or some mythical "battle testing" with reference to a conflict that is characterised overwhelmingly by high powered modern weaponry rather than hand to hand combat.

After a recommendation from The British Combat Association, we produced a 6-DVD set in early 2008 for one of the UK's biggest producers of Martial Arts DVDs. I was asked by various people who had worked with other organisations if I could do a course to qualify them as an instructor in their system.

Since then I have been joined as chief Instructor by my colleague Leo Negao, 4-time world BJJ champion, grappling coach of trainer of Anderson Silva and Minotauro amongst others, and an outstanding all round martial artist. We take the Instructor Courses together and regularly compare notes on techniques to make sure that the system is upgraded on a regular basis where the need arises.

In the last 7 years the 6-Set has become by far the top rated and top selling Krav DVD on Amazon and we have produced 4 others. We have trained literally thousands of people and become a respected organisation in the UK Martial Arts community, 3 of us were inducted into the Martial Arts Illustrated Hall of Fame in 2013.

But what makes me very proud, and I am not someone who gives this up easily, is the quality of the people who have joined us as Instructors. We now have instructors across the UK and elsewhere that include some very experienced people in martial arts, boxing, door work etc. They love the system and the quality of their teaching demonstrates that passion. And they are good people, no arrogance need apply.

What makes me even prouder is the number of students that have had to use the stuff, some of them after relatively limited experience, and have saved themselves and/or others from real harm. Thanks to them and to everybody who has taken us to where we are today.

Stewart McGill

UKM Founder


About UKM

Urban Krav Maga draws on many years of experience in the following fighting systems as well as various styles of Krav Maga: Karate; Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Traditional Jiu Jitsu, Aikido, Boxing, Muay Thai, Vale Tudo and MMA.

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The UKM Instructor Course/ Intensive Bootcamp will make a real difference to you whether you are an experienced martial artist looking to become an Instructor with us or wish to attend on a seminar basis as a regular student.

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All my years practicing martial arts I must admit, I’ve learned more practical applications or “real world” applications in the past 7 months with you. I have used Urban Krav probably half a dozen times now on the job and guarantee it has saved my ass more than once and that my friend is due to you. I am learning far more than I ever thought I ever would. I would put Urban Krav Maga as one of the most practical art forms out there.

Brad, Madison Police, Wisconsin USA

(Your seminar) was superbly practical and clearly proved why so many techniques that look good are of little value in real life close encounters. Your style is the best out there for self defence.

Swee Lip, former Chief Executive Master Sken Academy

I work as a Bodyguard doing convoy protection and personal security detail in Iraq. I always train in Urban Krav Maga with Beyond Fighting in Leeds when I'm home on leave. Beyond Fighting's self-defence training is some of the most realistic I've experienced, perhaps even more so than in my current job or as a Special Reconnaissance soldier in the Army. Would recommend Urban Krav Maga to anyone wanting incredible fitness and conditioning and the best self-defence training I've ever done.

Danny, Close Protection Operative-Hostile Environments

This is a really first rate product presented by people who know what they're doing and for anyone who has an interest in Self Defence, these 6 DVDs should have some space on your shelves.

Peter Consterdine / Chairman of The British Combat Association

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